Pre/Post Tan
Not properly preparing your skin is the biggest cause for an unsatisfactory tan. It is important to follow these guidelines to ensure you get the tan you are going for and keep it for as long as possible
• Exfoliate 48 hours before your session if you are using a oil based exfoliate such as a sugar scrub. If you are using a water based exfoliate you can do so 2-12 hours before the session Spend some extra time on your knees, elbows, feet and hands. Also, avoid soaps that are too moisturizing as this will alter your ph balance
• Before your session, do not use any kind of moisturizers, deodorant, perfumes or makeup
• Please refrain from wearing jewelry during your tanning session
• Wax or shave the day before. It is not recommended to wax or shave for at least 24 hours after your spray because it will pull the color from your skin
• Pedicures and manicures should also be done the day before
• During your session you should choose a dark fitted bathing suit, undergarments or you can choose to go nude, although I do require men to wear swimsuit trunks or boxer shorts, preferably dark.
Post Tan
• After your tan is complete and your skin is dry, you may get dressed in dark loose fitting clothing. A loose t-shirt or a sundress and flip flops would be ideal. Avoid wearing white clothing, wool, silk or nylon materials. Keep in mind color may come off on your clothing but will wash out
• Avoid sitting directly on leather or furniture covered with light fabric such as white or light colored bed linens. I would suggest sitting on a towel.
• Avoid shower/bath, swimming, exercise for 8-12 hours after you have been sprayed. When you do shower for the first time, you will see the surface color wash off however no need to panic, your tan is not washing off
Tips to keep your tan maintained:
• Avoid hot baths and showers. Try to keep the water temperature as cool as you can
• Do not exfoliate
• Gently towel dry
• Moisturize everyday in the morning and evening. Well hydrated skin is essential in maintaining a longer life to your tanning treatment. Avoid using products that contain Alpha Hydroxy Acids as this accelerates the rate of exfoliation
• Avoid swimming in pools and hot tubs but if you can avoid swimming all together
• Wear sunscreen

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